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Colton's Hub City Centre


The residents in District 1 will finally realize the thoughts and ideas they have long been waiting for come to fruition.  With the resolution of the Endangerd Delhi Sands Flower Loving Fly coming by the end of 2014.  Land Owners will finally have the ability to devolop their land.  The city is working in partnership with all land owners to created the best and highest use.  Already in the planning stages is Calmed Medical University going on the old Frontier Town property with Dorms, Campus envoronment with the front 5 acres facing Valley with retail.  LA Fitness on the North West corner of Valley and Pepper.  Valero Station complete make over.  Moss site rehabilitates and occupied, Upscale homes, Condo's, Apartments and Senior Housing.  This area will be the Jewel of Colton and the economic engine to create jobs, increase home values, increase city services, and bring a higher quality of life to our City.

New Valero Station

New Valero

Colton Senior Housing - Completed February 8, 2014
My personal Goal to replace Senior Housing in it's same Location


My personal goal to replace the demolished Senior Housing was sparked by my mother and many friends being displaced from Colton, due to the demolition of the Senior Housing.  Previous Councils and the current Council from 2006-2010 successfully voted to demolish, displace, and move the Senior Housing to another location.  My personal efforts to fight for the Seniors that wanted to move back to the Original location, and many residents of Colton, successfully achieved that Goal.   As a member of the Senior Housing Committee and New support of a New Council in 2010, We built a state of the art building.  I will always work for what is best for the people in our City.

Resolving the Endanger Delhi Sands flower-loving fly


My personal efforts to resolving the Endangered Fly has come to fruition.  With the Support of Councilmembers I supported in the 2010 Elections and with a New City manager and staff, we successfully negotiated with Fish and Wildlife to create a plan to conserve land that would help the fly to live and allow the City the ability to develop.  The West End in District 1 is a final frontier in Colton and we must do it right to bring business's, jobs, quality of life, and increase in home values.  We are There.



"In God We Trust"


I believe and have faith in God.  When the County put "In God We Trust" in their Chamber, I researched on how the City could do it as well.  I brought it before the City Council and was Unanimously supported to also put the message in our Council Chambers.  



Paul J. Rogers Safe Route to School Project


When I was first Elected in 2006, my very first project was the Safe Route to School for Paul J. Rogers.  The County had funded the City with $500,000 to put in Sidewalks, and a Safety Light for safe crossing.  Athough the sidewalks were badly needed to keep the kids from walking on the street, and a Crossing light for kids to safely cross, there was still a need for a Safe Drop off Zone.  With the creativity of our PubliC Works the Drop Off Zone was created and built within the First Year.  This was on of my most proudest projects for the safety of the children, and it will be for years and years to come.





Being in the Technology Field,  another project I personally initiated was bringing better technology to the City.  Webcasting was my first Goal.  We needed to bring something to those interested in what was happening at City Council meetings, but could not watch on Channel 3.  Webcasting has brought a new dimension, and accountablility to your Council representative.  



Military Banners


I served in the United States Marine Corps 1978-1982.  I participated in the rescue attempt of the Americans during the

Iranian Hostage Crisis.  I am a proud Veteran.  I began the Military Banner program to Honor the men and women currently serving in the Armed Services.  In 2013, the program was extended to to Veterans and Memorial Veterans.  The City of Colton wants to Honor all our Heroes that Served, Past and Present.






The purpose of the City of Colton Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program is to: Honor our Colton military currently active and deployed with a Hometown Heroes Military banner. Pay tribute to our veterans and deceased veterans with Veteran and Memorial banners. Ensure that the aesthetic appeal of Colton's main thoroughfares is maintained. Promote the recognition of our military currently serving, veterans and deceased veterans. Manage the military banner approval process.


The Military Banner Program Application and Guidelines may be obtained online  For additional information, please email Razili Ramirez at or call 909-370-6152.

Initiate - Momentum - Goals Completed
Colton Cal Med University Concept Elevationsjpg_Page1.jpg

California University of Science and Medicine


Chandi Project brings

1. Arco

2.  Black bear Diner

3.  Starbucks

4.  Blaze Pizza

5.  Waba Grill

6.  Wing Stop

7.  Urgent Care

8.  Pending Hotel

I10 Pepper 7.jpg

New I10/Pepper Bridge

Salah Grand Opening 2.jpg

Chevron Station

Starbucks Habit Firehouse Subs Popeyes.JPG

Starbucks, Popeyes, Habit, Firehouse Subs

Critical Important Votes that Changed the Fate of Colton


My voting record speaks for itself.  I have always taken the side of the people.  I believe that representing the people that voted for me and doing their will is what is in the best interest of the City.


1.  Vote for Director raises in 2007.  I was the only No Vote and the first Vote of my term that showed that I was going to find a way to change the practices at City Hall.

2.  Voted against extending a User Utility Tax which was the beginning of Reorganizing Colton.  It changed the way we functioned and forced the Cities hand to                    become financially responsible.  As we see today, it was the right decision and our City financial situation is better and we do not have a special tax.

3.  In 2009 I voted against raising our Electric Rates by 17.4% and our Water Rates by 112%.  In 2010 my campaign was to support David Zamora and Frank                        Gonzales to join me in taking over the Leadership of Colton and reverting the rates back.  With in 6 months of the 2010 Election we successfully reduced the                  Electric Rates by 10% and have reduced them again in 2013.  We are still on track on reducing them again and not only giving back to the residents, but being                well  below SCE.  With the Utility tax gone, and the Electric rates lower, Colton is the most looked at City in the Region for Business's.  We have the best potential          for growth in the Inland Empire.

4.  From 2006 to 2010 members of the City Council voted to demolish and move the Senior Housing to the Corner of Mt Vernon and Colton Avenue.  I fought as a                member of the City Council and as a member of the Senior Housing Committee to rebuild in it's original Location.  As with all the other issues that faced Colton,            we needed to Elect new members to the Council that would make decisions that made sense, and supported the wishes of the People.  I endorsed and                        campaigned to Elect David Zamora and Frank Gonzales to make those changes.  The Elections were successful and with the support of currently serving                      Councilmember Deirdre Bennett, the majority of the Council had changed, and so was the start of a New Colton.

5.  From 2010 to 2022 the City of Colton has faced many changes.  The most notable change was finding a City Manager that would be able to bring a broken city together and would stay for the long haul.  Bill Smith was my choice and to this day, he has done exactly what needed to be done to make our City a better place to work, live and play.

6.  From 2022 to present.  The world has been faced with a Pandemic, Wars, Cost of living rising (food, electricity, gas, clothes, services, insurance, etc), homelessness, crime, We are living and heading into new and different times.  Colton has been preparing for hard times, We have increased our police and fire to address public safety, and plans to continue increasing services in the next 3 years.  Plans to address our parks to keep clean and well kept, and our streets to keep them clean and repaved.  Bill Smith is still our City Manager.  he has been consistent and on track to keep the City moving forward.


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