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1.     Realignment Valley Boulevard

2.     Purchase of Land to mitigate the Delhi Flower Loving Sands Fly

3.     Conceptual Design of the Super Block

4.     Trip to Washington DC for support to Clean Water, Money for the Valley/Pepper               Improvements, Support for the Super Block.

5.     Elizabeth Davis park Improvements. New lighting, new barbeque’s, new picnic                   shelter, new tots toys. Basketball, tennis and tots area all resurfaced.

6.     Brought forward a consultant to organized and create a code of ethics document to           discourage corruption and keep integrity and high ethical values

7.     Street humps in several neighborhoods. John Juarez, Porfirio Elias Way, Long                   Beach, Jane’s Way, Visconti

8.     Street resurfacing thought the city

9.     Only Vote to decline High pay raises for already high paid directors

10.   Continue to fight for the “Peoples” rights and dissipate political agenda’s

11.   Neighborhood Meetings in Citrus/Macy. Elizabeth Davis Park, Paul J Rogers.

12.   Neighborhood Clean ups with large trash bins. 

13.   Web casting – so residents can view Council meetings online live or at their leisure


I have responded to those that have requested my assistance. I try to reach out to the public when they are home, to be visible and listen to the concerns and suggestions for improvements. I want to bring public involvement to keep government honest and to address the concerns of the “People’ and not that of high ranking city and elected officials.


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