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1.  This is the year to prepare for change and support Candidates that            will Solidify the Council and City and creating momentum.

2.  Taking a personal interest to keep the Senior Housing on the old              Colton Palms site, and with support of Frank Gonzales, we quickly            change direction to build it with priority.  We met with Wyn Holmes            and decided he was the best developer for the City and begin the              process to have a New Senior Housing within 18 months.          

3.  Working to Keep our City Clean, I sought Volunteers for cleaning              projects.  Member of Center Point Church come out to Clean and              paint Elizabeth Davis Park. 

3.  As a Marine, participate in Colton's Veterans Parade.

5.  Revamp the Christmas Decorating Contest to bring spirit to the City.

6.  2012 proved to be a volitile year with the Loss of a very good Mayor          and the Council finding itself back to a split Council.  Hard work,                campaigning, and standing up to wrong paid off...2013 should be a          very good year to create Momentum.  All 4 Candidates I supported            won there Elections.  

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