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1.  This is the year, with a New "SUPER MAJORITY" Council, that the          momentum will move at a rate that will be remarkable, visible, and            realized.  The Voteres decided we wanted what is best for the people        that vote, and not for the Politicians that work for Politics.

2.  Appointed Unanimously for the second time to Serve the One Year            Term as Colton's Mayor Pro Tem.  

3.  Intitiated The Military Banner Program.  Followed Thur with                        Guidelines and application process.  Completed by bringing to the            City Council and received Unanimous support.

4.  After 2 years and almost filing bankruptcy, a New City Council                  balances the budget with 1.2 million in reserves.

5.  Second Round of Promised Electric rate reductions.

6.  Initiated Colton's Largest Clean up day with over 100 volunteers.  This      was the first of many Clean up days to making Colton a great place to      Live. Work, and play.

7.  Working with Land Owners in the West End renamed the "Hub City          Centre".   

8.  Initiated talks with Fish and Wildlife in Palm Springs, Sought Federal        Support and was successful to bring the Delhi Sand Flower Loving          Fly issue to Top Priority.  Looking at this being resolved by Feb-Mar          2014.  Cooperation, patience, and understanding the im[ortance to            preserve the Fly and also Create Development is realized.

9.  Movement to bring LA Fitness, Valero Gas Station Improvements,            Occupying the Moss Site, Developing the Golf Course, Improving the      roads, bridge, off and onramps at Valley and Pepper.

10. On the committee to Bring an Interim/Permanent City Manager.


2013 was as expected.  With a "SUPER MAJORITY" Council, we change the direction of the City.  Lowered Electric rates a second time, and working to lower them again a Third Time.  Stood up to special interests and business's that wanted to come to town, to take advantage of the people.  We voted them out of town and the People of the City are finally the winners.  The Senior Housing that I never gave up on putting in it's orgiginal location is almost completed, and our loved ones can move back home.  Relationships with Business's, Employee's and the residents of Colton are coming together.  We are slowly becoming the Best Town in the Inland Empire, where everyone wants to.


"Live"  "Work"  "Play"







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