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January - 1st Spay/Neuter/Shot Clinic hosted by myself and sponsored by  20 animals treated for be better and healthier life.  

February - Federal Governement approves the City Habitat Conservation plan   that will allow the city to begin developement.  Compromise and good faith negotiations are what made this a success.


California University of Science and Medicine is in the                                     process and moving forward to begin construction by Dec 2015. 

June -  Honored By Assemblymember Cheryl Brown as Veteran of the Year



Initiated Colton's deal of the Century with Land Owner Carl Ross who donated

the first 20 Acres of the Fish and Wildlife requirements to acquire prior to 

developing the Hub City Center. A 6 Million Dollar value.  This was one of Colton's greatest achievements in its history. We gave Carl the Key to the City


July - After 1 year of negotiations. we got the Best deal for our residents to increase revenues, extra services, and customer satisfaction all for the same rate to the residents with our refuse company.  

August - David Toro Foundation Created to bring awareness to responsible pet ownership.  Spay and Neutering. Microchips. Licensing.

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