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David J. Toro
District 1

City of Colton
650 N. La Cadena Drive
Colton, CA  92324
(909) 370-5094 - Office
(909) 370-5192 - Fax

Council Elected 1st Term          December 2006 

Mayor Pro Tem                         2009 - 2010
Council Re-elected 2nd Term   December 2010

Mayor Pro Tem                         2013

Council Re-elected 3rd Term    2014 - 2018

Mayor Pro Tem                         2017

Council Re-elected 4th Term    2018 - 2022 

Council Re-elected 5th Term    2022 - 2024 (2 year term)

Mayor Pro Tem                         2023



David J. Toro was first elected in 2006 as the Council Member representing District 1. In December 2010, he was re-elected and is currently serving his second term through December 2014. Council Member Toro represents the City of Colton as a member on several local and regional agencies, committees and commissions, including:

·         Colton Beautification-City Wide Committee
·         Colton Crossing Committee
·         Colton Political Reform Committee
·         Colton Senior Housing Committee
·         Colton Sign Committee
·         Colton Beautification-District 1 Committee
·         Agua Mansa Industrial Growth Association (AMIGA)
·         San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG)   
·         San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (SBVMWD)

His objectives as Colton Council member include:
·         Re-establish people’s trust in civic leadership
·         Involve the community in improving the quality of life in Colton
·         Street improvements and beatification of the I-10/Pepper off-ramp
·         Storm drain improvements throughout flooded portions of Colton
·         Enhance computer operations at City Hall and wireless technology throughout Colton 
·         Resolve issues pertaining to the endangered Delhi Sand Flower-Loving (DSF) fly
·         Develop land affected by the DSF fly and proceed with plans for “Super Block” (shopping, entertainment, and service amenities, etc.)



I am a family man with my wife Kerri of 25 Years and 2 Children Michael 20 and Nicole 16. 

I am a working man that has held positions of manager, supervisor, and just your plain worker bee position.  I served in the United States Marine Corp “1978-1982”.  

I am not a “Politician”. I do not, and have not, made decisions which go against the will of the people.  I am a hard working family man, and have personally experienced and felt the results of this economy, lived through the reductions of downsizing and layoffs, salary cuts, and loss of job. I know what is happening in family’s homes. I have not lost touch with the people or struggling businesses in this City. My voice is that for the people and businesses of Colton, and not City Politics. 

My decisions the last 8 years, on record, have always been to improve the quality of life for our taxpaying residents, not increase the burdens they have to face.  


Before I became a Council member, I worked as a resident to create the basketball courts, tennis courts, and tots play land at Elizabeth Davis Park, and while on Council, Initiated, Followed Through and Completed naming this area “Connie Paddy Cisneros” Recreation Area, in Honor of the Late Councilmember.  Over my 8 years in office, I intiated, followed through, and completed work to place street humps in qualifying neighborhoods. I became a member of the Colton Citizens Police Volunteers to help patrol the neighborhoods and give that little bit of increase in Police presence. intiated, followed through, and completed  to create the Safe Drop Off Zone at Paul J Rogers School.

In the 2010 and 2012 elections, I supported and campaigned to bring a Mayor and Councilmembers that will join me to reduce Electric rates, and followed through to reduce the rates by 10% in 2011.  While SCE has increases in the coming years, I will again work to find a way to have another decrease. 

From 2010 to present I have initiated "New" policy to negotiate with Fish and Wild Life to allow us to develop in the West End by Arrowhead Hospital.  I have followed though and expect to Complete the effort by the enf of 2014.  These efforts will allow for the West End to flourish and develop.  This will bring more Business's, Jobs, and revenue to the City...Increase home values...and the quality of life in the immediate areas, as well as the City as a Whole.

In 2010 I voted to eliminate the User Utilities Tax and helped the residents realize a 4% tax savings on all Utility bills and Business's a 6% savings. 

I have proven to have Strong Leadership, Honesty, and Integrity and have earned Respect from many Colton Officials, residents, business owners, and community leaders.


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