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California University of Science and Medicince is now in the design phase and will be a reality in Colton.  

This site was slated for low income housing, but with the support of the committee I created to alter that plan, we were able to take the neccessary steps to make sure this University would come to Colton.

Chandi Group - Arco Gas Station

I10 Widening.JPG

New I10 and Pepper bridge coming soon.  

I10 Pepper 7.jpg
Salah Toro Alex Demo in background.jpg

Equipment at 1600 West Valley Boulevard demolished the old Chevron Station on Monday, August 7, making room for a new Chevron Station with new amenities, additional gas pumps, a car wash and new retail opportunities for owner Salah Haggag.  “We’ve waited a long time for this” said Haggag, “all the way back to when work began on the realignment of Valley Boulevard.  We’re ready to build a new building and bring new business and synergy to the area near the Arrowhead Regional Center (ARMC).

“I am so pleased to see that this area is growing after so many years of waiting for the (Delhi Sands Flower-Loving) Fly habitat mitigation and issues with the realignment and the widening of the I-10 and the Pepper Avenue Bridge,” Supervisor Josie Gonzales commented to the ceremony attendees, “this is a very exciting project for Colton and for all who visit ARMC.”

Haggag, 32, watched proudly as comments and congratulations were offered and as the old gas station building was demolished.  So did his mother, Fatima Radwan, but with a bit more emotion; “My husband and I bought this  building over 30 years ago and I remember helping him lay the floor tile inside the building.”  Though her memories are bittersweet, she is very proud of her son and is anxious to see a beautiful new building where the old one once stood.

Mayor Pro Tem David Toro, Council Member of the District, recalled some of the long history of the area and the project.  “I have had a vision for this area since 2006.  Since then, we’ve had about 4 different Mayors, and several City Managers.  A lot had to happen for this project to become a reality. This project, and the others here at Valley and Pepper will open up this entire area—this is a really exciting time and we are all ready for it!”

The new Chevron Station is anticipated to open in January, 2018.  Project plans call for the new service station, 6 new fuel dispensers under a new Chevron canopy and a 60-foot express car wash tunnel with free vacuums upon exiting the wash tunnel.  A 3,000 square foot new convenience stories is planned with space dedicated to a small sandwich or pizza shop.  The project will also create a drive-through pad for an additional quick service restaurant on the corner of Valley and Pepper.

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