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1.  Intitiated the Idea to bring "In God We Trust" to the Council                        Chambers.  On January 5th, it was brough before the City Council            and Voted 7-0 to support. 

2.  Taking a stance for Pension reform and salary cuts, it must start at the      top.  The City Manager takes the lead.

3.  Through Leadership and Vision staff is instructed to revisit the "Super      Block" which is now refered to as the West End Development and            take a partnership approach with Fish and Wildlife to preserve                  the Delhi Sands flower-loving fly and allow the city to develop.

4.  1st Promised Electric rates reduced.

5.  Colton Cossing Ground Breaking.  As part of the Committee, we                Negotiated to bring benefits to the City.  

6.  Continued Negotiations to develop the West End.  


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