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What is the most important City issues that personally affect you, your family and home. 

  1. Homelessness

  2. Animals

  3. Utilities – Electric, Water, Trash

  4. Crime/Safety – Police protection

  5. Available Shopping

  6. Available Sit Down/fast food restaurants

  7. Parks

  8. Fire safety concerns

  9. Pan Handling

  10. Community Activities – Sports, community events,

  11. Other


Comments – Tell me your thoughts and ideas to resolve the issues you face.  We are a community of different opinions and ideas.  Lets put them together to find the Win- Win Solutions.


I would like to hear from the neighborhood.

Throughout District 1, every neighborhood has similar issues, but also every neighborhood and every home have their unique concerns. 

I am currently working on

  1. Homeless – by approaching the homeless and trying to help find alternative solutions for them.  Most do not want help, and for those who don’t, we need to bring new laws that stop infringing on the rights of the hard working and lawful residents vs the homeless that lean towards criminal activities and do not care about our neighborhoods.

  2. Illegal Fireworks – Illegal fireworks is a main concern for many residents, especially Veterans and Pet Owners.  I have supported banning all fireworks in our city so illegal fireworks cannot hide behind legal fireworks.  We started a long term plan to curb the use of all fireworks 6 years ago, have partnered with State and County Law Enforcement to slow illegal fire works from coming into the state, county, and cities.  The dent Is small, but the effort is having positive results.

  3. Animal Control - I created the David Toro Foundation in 2015 to help residents spay and neuter their pets.  This is the number 1 way to stop unwanted pet population and decrease the number of pets going into the shelter and being euthanized.  I also work to help people find their pets when lost and help shelter pets find new homes. 

  4. Food 4 Less Shopping Center – This is one of the main shopping locations for residents in District 1.  For over a year, we have met with the property owner, business owners to address the store thefts, loitering, and over all safety in the center.  We have all partnered together and taken action to find solutions that will mitigate these problems.  Each entity has taken ownership of their area of responsibility.  Myself with the police department have completed our share of responsibilities and continue with additional police presence in the area. 

  5. George Brown Park and the Endangered Fly Habitat. – We are currently working with The Hospital, and one of the Doctors who has bought a majority of the land to develop and expand hospital services.  Once again we find ourselves battling Fly habitat, but feel confident we can work it out with Fish and Wildlife again to find another win-win solution.   We are also working on way to re purpose the park since it is a retention basin.  One idea of many is to make it a park with a lake, like they have in San Bernardino by Home depot. 

  6. Tree Trimming, Landscaping, Clean ups – The City is in negotiations with our Trash company that pays for most of these services.  I have led the council in negotiating what city services we would like to have and improve.  Once an agreement is signed, we should have better services with no additional cost. 

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