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1.     Councilmember Toro VOTES NO for Electric Rate Increase 17.4%

2.     Councilmember Toro VOTES NO for Water Rate Increase 112%

3.     Selected to Senoir Housing Committee

4.     Selected to City Manager recruitment committee

5.     City Council votes 7-0 to a 5% salary cut. This changes the salary             from $400 to $380 per month.  Councilmember Toro urges Council           to reduce costs more by going paperless with Council Agendas                 which is approximately and additional $210 per month.  Every little             bit helps save jobs and programs to the community

6.    City Council Votes 7-0 for New City Manager Rod Foster. Rod was            the Councils unanimous choice for the position.    Toro committed              to a 7-0 vote urged the Council to stay at the table until all members          were in agreememnt with a contract.  After several hours of talks and          negotiating the Council came to a full agreement and Rod Foster                accepted the Councils contract proposal.  He begins his new journey        Dec 7, 2009.

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