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1.     I want to move in a new direction with areas in District 1, including        the proposed plans for the "SUPERBLOCK".   I want to move                  forward NOW with plans and development that are ready to  bring          Jobs and Revenue to the City "NOW".   I have been instrumental to        bring new management and leadership to the City and its time to            find an avenue to improve our image as well as our financial, senior        housing, and job loss problems.

2.    Jan 14 - New City manager reorganizing the city - New structure is          needed

3.    Jan 19 - City Council Unanimously chooses Councilmember Toro as          Mayor Pro Tem. 

4.    Mar 30 - Code of Ethincs that I started in 2006 is finally adopted.            This was born due to the major corruption challenges Colton has            faced.

5.    Apr 21 - The Utility User Tax is discussed and approved to bring              back a draft to consider

6.    Jun 9 - Council approves 2 budget scenerios.  One if the UUT Tax is        passed, the other is if it fails.

7.    July 25 - Council approved to have 3 Audits.  Electric, Police, and            Fire.  The electric Audit proved that Colton's rates are higher than          SCE by 24%.  By Contracting Police and Fire could result in 8.2                million in savings.       Click here to see audit results                                -  Electric -  Police - Fire

8.    Aug 4 - The Utility Users Tax Fails to get an extension and will                expire July 2011.   In these trying times, it is time for the city to FIX        it's financial problems, and stop using the residents and business            owners as the bank to bail them out whenever they overspend and          mismanage their money.

9.    Aug 30  Working with Fish and Wildlife to negotiate the Delhi Flower        Loving Sand Fly. 

10.  Aug 30  Meeting with Business Owners in the West End to plan               development. 

11.  You the Voters Re-Elect me with 72% of the Vote to continue the           efforts to represent you with Honesty, Integrity, and most of all,             what you would expect me to do on your behalf.....Thank You.


Im proud to say that I campaigned to Elect a New Mayor David Zamora and Councilman Frank Gonzales.  Together, they support my vision to reduce Electric Rates, build Senior Housing, and Revitalize Colton from the near brink of bankruptcy





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